Fr Maurice Carmody, is the Roman Postulator of the Cause. He has been responsible for producing the ‘Positio’, an 800-page document that comprises the detailed evidence support the Cause for Sainthood of Suzanne.

The Positio, is the fruit of six years close collaboration between Fr Maurice Carmody, Sister Margaret Anne Mills and Sister Josephine Gorman. It contains the findings of the Diocesan Inquiry, carried out in 2004, and sections devoted to many different aspects of Suzanne’s life and work.

The history of the Cause from 1926 until the present is also outlined. Chapters cover such topics as the relevance of her life for the Church and New Zealand society both at the time of her death and currently. The way in which she lived the Christian virtues to a heroic degree is also discussed in detail. The challenges and difficulties she faced within and without the Church during her lifetime are also well documented and presented. Naturally, a huge debt is owed to Jessie Munro and the late Sister Bernadette Wrack whose research and writings have provided a solid foundation and point of reference for much of the material contained in the Positio.

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