It is common practice among Christians to ask one another to pray for a particular need, “Please pray for me.” Prayer is directed to God. So in the case of Suzanne Aubert, our friend, we are asking her to join us in praying for a particular need.

Statement of Faith

We believe in God’s everlasting love for all, and that through faith and great confidence in that love our petitions will be granted. Therefore in the desire to promote God’s greater honour and glory we gather together to pray through the intercession of Suzanne Aubert for the healing of ………………..

Prayer for the cure

God our creator,
The life of Suzanne Aubert powerfully expressed the compassion of Jesus for the sick.
Now we ask you to grant, through her intercession, the complete cure of ………………..
In gratitude we pray the prayer of Suzanne Aubert


Suzanne Aubert pray for us (3).

The Importance of intercessory prayer

A fundamental belief of Catholics is the Communion of Saints. We recite that belief in the Nicene Creed every Sunday at Mass. We believe that it is possible to ask Saints and those who have been declared Venerable, to intercede on our behalf to God, for special intentions that we have. As Father Carmody has reminded us, the next major milestone on the journey to sainthood is for the approval of a miracle through the intercession of Venerable Suzanne Aubert.

We all believe in miracles and that God does listen to those who pray earnestly and with an unwavering faith. (John 14:13).

There are a number of people around the country who are praying the special intercessory prayer for God to grant a miracle through the intercession of Suzanne Aubert. In His time, God will grant one of those miracles.

There is a special formula that must be followed when praying for intercession of Suzanne Aubert. We are keen for many more New Zealanders to join us in prayer.

The soup kitchen

Intercessory Prayer Card