Celebration Sunday 2021

Mass with Cardinal John Dew

October 3 is  Meri Hōhepa/Suzanne Aubert  Celebration Sunday. As parish Masses are not possible under the current Covid restrictions, Cardinal Dew has agreed to celebrate a special Mass in the Chapel at the Resting Place of Suzanne Aubert Meri Hōhepa. It will be broadcast at 2:00 PM on Shine TV. It will also be available to view later in the day on YouTube and Facebook.

Click here to download Our Celebration Sunday at Home Kit so you can participate from home.

All parishioners are invited to send their personal prayer requests and intentions which will be offered by the Cardinal at this Mass.

If you have a special prayer request, or if there is someone in your parish who you would like to be remembered at either of these events, please send confidential details to Sister Josephine Gorman – [email protected]

At the conclusion of the Mass, all prayer requests and names of those who have asked to be remembered, will be placed on the tombstone of Suzanne Aubert/Meri Hōhepa and the Sisters will continue to pray for everyone during the month of October.  There are also other resources available at www.suzanneaubert.co.nz.

Please pray for the beatification and eventual canonisation of Meri Hōhepa /Suzanne Aubert . And, let us remember her constant prayer, “Thanks be to God for all He has done and is doing for us.”

To download this notice as a word document, click here.